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The Maytag Centennial Washer is a machine that allows you to have your clothes washed and cleaned effortlessly. The Centennial top-load washer has modern features that include the patented, "IntelliFill" water-level sensor-and is fully automated.

This technologically advanced washer has even more options including eleven different automated wash cycles to help you with your different cleaning needs. One of the nicer features of the Centennial top-load washer is that it has the "EcoConserve" setting allowing you to use a low-water setting-saving energy and money at the same time.

Large Capacity Of The Maytag Centennial Washer

The Maytag Centennial Washer has a large capacity drum which allows for the largest of loads that come out clean. The drum, or basket, as it is better known, is stainless steel which helps to prevent scratches, chips, and funny odors. It has a very smooth surface that prevents fabric from snagging or pilling.

Imagine having all this and saving up to 70% of the energy normally used in older machines-money that stays in your pocket and a washer that pays for itself in just four years!  

Performance Of The Maytag Centennial Washer

The performance of this washer is rated in the top five of all washers on the market. Most washers do a better job of cleaning whites than colors-not the Centennial Washer. This machine cleans colors just as good as it does whites.

When washing different types of fabrics with varying textures, this machine does a great job-even when the machine is in its toughest and most aggressive cleaning cycle!

Features of the Maytag Centennial Washer:

   * IntelliClean impeller:  The clothes are shifted about in a continuous fashion through the water for a more complete and satisfactory cleaning.

* ENERGY STAR: CEE Tier III qualification rating-giving this washer  "Best Efficiency" rating.

* 3.6 cu. ft. Capacity: No item is too large or too bulky-even washes large comforters with no problem.

* Stainless Steel Wash Basket: High resisitance to chips and scratches-protects fabrics from pilling and snags.

* 11 Automatic Wash Cycles: Wash options that provide for cleaning a variety of fabrics-cycles like Bulky, Delicate, Heavy Duty, and Casual, to name just a few.

* Rear Panel Controls: This allows convenient access to all cycle and option selections

* Deep Clean Option: Get your load thoroughly cleaned the first time by using this additional cleaning action with a deep rinse-no need to worry about how clean your clothes will come out.   

* Automatic Temperature Control: You can get consistent cleaning results with optional different water temperature settings-5 of them, that each monitor and adjust the incoming water flow and maintain the selected temperature.

* Low Water Wash with EcoConserve : Low-water-wash technology that enables the detergent to penetrate better-while pre-treating heavily soiled spots. Better cleaning with less water with the concentrated wash action in this setting.

* The IntelliFill Sensor: Adjustments according to the size of the load, as well as the type of fabric, are automatic-controlling the amount of water and the cycle setting, lowering the environmental impact and saving you money.

* MaxExtract Extended Spin:  This option increases the speed of the load's final spin-this removes more moisture and cuts back on drying time.

* Eco Options : See Above

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