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Centennial Maytag Washer
Customer Complaints


A common complaint from owners of Maytag Centennial Washers is that the water, when being filled, sometimes does not stop. This happens irregardless of the cycle that is chosen.

Many of these customers claim that this is such a huge waste, especially when water conservation is at the forefront of the eco-minded individual.

Some fo these complaints are based solely on the fact that there is a huge water bill as a result of the washer overfilling during a period of time.

Secondary compaints are that the cold water doesn't flow into the machine properly. Even when checking the hoses for proper fastening and other problems, like leaks or cracks, they claim that the water still does not "flow" right. Other complaints are that when setting the water temperature for cold or warm, the water runs hot instead.

Centennial Washer Water Problems-Leaks?

Others say that the washer leaks water in the back where the source of the leak cannot be seen very well. The outer cover of the machine then has to taken off so the leak can be found. Some say that the leaking can cause a rusting problem with the cover of the machine.

One customer said that they believe that Maytag is using inferior grade metals that allow for rusting in just one year. Because of the "inferior quality of the washer mold and mildew has a tendency to grow inside the washer."

This would really create a problem for the quality of the cleanliness of the clothes. This also, would affect the performance of the machine and make for unhappy owners.

Many owners of the Centennial Maytag Washer claim that this particular washer is really not a low maintenance washer as is stated by the manufacture.

Reputation Of The Centennial Washer

With the advent of the internet, people can now search for product reviews and customer complaints about washing machines. As more and more people complain about a specific brand, the reputation of a washer can really begin to decline.

This can quite possibly hurt sales and cause the manufacture to re-think their approach to research and development. All in all, the majority of washers that are bought, however, do tend to operate according to the manufacture's specifications.

These complaints are a minority compared to those who are happy with their Centennial Maytag Washer. Most people use their wisdom and thoroughly investigate a product before they buy.

Given the amount of washers that are out there in the possesion of the consumer, and with most of these machines operating normally, the complaints that do come, represent a small fraction of the average consumer.

Centennial Maytag Washer A Good Buy

If all of these consumers would take heed and properly care for and maintain their Centennial Maytag Washers, these few complaining customers would not have much to complain about. However, every once and a while, a lemon is bought, and these customers do deserve better.

For more on how to maintain your Centennial Maytag Washer, click here.
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