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Maytag Centennial Washer Review

The Maytag Centennial Washer is a top-loading washing machine that was introduced in 2008, celebrating Maytag's 100th year in the washer buisness. This washer is designed from Maytag's commitment to reliability and long-life tough-as-steel construction.

During the previous few years or so, Maytag's image had become tarnished due to the unreliable technology that was used in their Neptune line. To overcome this image, Maytag returned to its foundation by designing this high capacity washer with utilitarian features-easy to use, and with a cost that is easy on the budget.

Trusted Features

Instead of using high tech electronic controls, the Centennial uses a simple trustworthy dial control-popular with the trust-worthy earlier models. Using trusted and strong construction, Maytag uses their long-trusted mechanical design with modern features.

Features that the consumer are familiar with and consider reliable. With the Centennial washer, there will be no frustrations that come with new, unproven, and frustrating technology.

Even though some machines have a greater capacity, the Centennial's large-opening lid and 3.2 cubic-foot volume allows for the same large loads without any hassle and for effective cleansing.

Gentler Action

This machine's tub agitation or rotation is 100 degrees, just 60 degrees shy of a complete spin. This creates a much gentler motion that most other machines, yet provides for just as thorough a cleaning as machines with a shorter arc of agitation.

The Centennial washer has 11 automatic cycles, some of which are titled, "delicates, super wash, hand wash, and heavy duty. These settings, alone, will satisfactorily meet you requirements to obtain a clean bundle of laundry for any type of load.

Add to this, an option to apply an additional rinse cycle ensures that all fabric softener and detergent residues are eliminated. This is a very helpful feature for family members with sensitive skin issues.

Customer Complaints?

Reviews from some customers have been the complaint that this machine is a little noisier than most-a problem that Maytag has addressed by offereing an option known as the "Quiet Series 300 Sound Package." This helps out by providing for a smoother balance suspension that lowers vibration and noise.

There are more expensive "Quiet Series" options available, but for the price of the Centennial, the "300" series noise reduction option should do the job as long as you install the washer away from the most popular areas of the home. A seperate laundry room, or even a basement would be ideal for this washer.

As stated earlier, the Maytag Centennial washer is a well-built and highly durable washer. The core components, such as the baseframe, coupler, and the transmission are all industrial-grade strength.

Built To Last

The original wash basket was coated with porcelain, but it is now solid stainless steel-which helps to prevent chips, scratches, bad odors, and stains. This machine may sound like it would look like an industrial washer, yet it is handsome and sports a very attractive finsih with a glowing front panel and with a gold colored console and knobs.

The Maytag Centennial Washer is a finely built machine and is very dependable. The price is in the mid $400's and is a washer that invites all to re-develop their faith in this brand, once again.

Out of 139 reviews, 59 gave it 5 stars, 25 gave it 4 stars, 2 gave it 3 stars, 11 gave it 2 stars, 34 gave it 1 star.

Overall quality is 3.6 out of 5.

65% of reviewers recommend the Centennial Washer.

Pros: New Energy Star Qualified, Simple Controls, Large Capacity, Relies on The Integration of  Proven Technology With Modern Features, and a Moderate price

Cons: Noisy

Warranty: 1 year